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Aaron and K-9 Hulk

K-9 Hulk

Aaron had always had the desire to do something with his life that helped and impacted other people. Aaron went to St Mary’s college in Winona MN and graduated in 1994 with a Biology degree and worked in Nuclear medicine. In 1997 he decided to leave the medical field and become a Police officer.
After just a few years on the job he joined a special until called the Community Response Team (CRT) where their main job was dealing with drugs, etc. In 2000 Aaron was involved in an Officer involved shooting where he had to take someone life.

In 2001 Aaron joined the SWAT team where he started as a Sniper and quickly moved onto the Entry Team where he was the point guy (first one through the door on warrants). While on the SWAT team he went to multiple Operation 100’s (which are hostage situations), one of the most prominent was the Accent Signage shootings.

Because of the nature of the job Aaron had to take the lives of many dogs and spent many years rescuing and fostering Pitbulls (of which he kept 2) to give back to the breed and give them better lives.

Aaron was on the front lines during the 4th Precinct occupation. In 2017 Aaron left the SWAT team and joined the Mounted Patrol Unit. While on this unit he was riding his horse downtown during the George Floyd riots and came extremely close to losing his life. This is the incident that triggered the severe PTSD that he is currently battling.

Aaron was forced to take an early retirement from the MPD March of 2021 and struggles every day with that loss. He doesn’t see himself as the Hero that everyone else does and it’s breaks his heart not to be an officer anymore.

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