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Rex - Soldier's 6

In May 2015, Soldier's 6's CEO Ed was awarded a specially trained PTSD service dog by an organization based out of California called Rebuilding Warriors. Click here to view Ed's Story. Receiving Rex (his service dog) has changed him and his family's lives for the better. When he was awarded Rex, Ed was retiring from the police department after 15 years of service. Ed was diagnosed with PTSD, depression, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain due to chemicals and nerve agents he was exposed to when deployed in the Army. The prior few years before receiving Rex was rough for Ed and his family. ️Ed's illness takes over and he sees no hope for the future.

His mind is a constant battleground for intrusive memories from the war. In his darkest moments, Ed's PTSD almost took ️Ed from his family forever.


Because of the positive impact Rex has has on Ed and his family, during Christmas of 2015, they decided to hold a fundraiser in order to give back to Rebuilding Warriors. The hope/goal of that fundraiser was to raise enough money to enable Rebuilding Warriors the ability to give another military family what has been given to them via Rex. Our community came together for that fundraiser and showed ️Ed and his family the love and support he not only needed but deserved.

After that experience we decided to start Soldier's 6. We awarded our first dog, Six in May 2016, and haven't looked back since.


If you know someone who could benefit from t️he life saving training of a dog, please contact us via one of the methods available in our Contact section.

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