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I am a 37-year-old Marine veteran who served my country with honor and dedication. In 2007, I was deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, where I served alongside my fellow Marines in a combat zone.
While I am proud of my service to my country, I returned home with both physical and mental health issues that continue to affect me to this day. As a result of my active duty, I am currently service connected at 80% for mental health and physical health issues.
Since returning home from Iraq, I have struggled with anxiety, depression, Panic attacks and physical injuries sustained during my service. These issues have made it difficult for me to adjust to civilian life, maintain steady employment, and build meaningful relationships.
Despite these challenges, I am committed to overcoming them and improving my quality of life as a veteran. One way that I believe a service dog could help me is by providing me with emotional support and assistance with everyday tasks. I have learned about Soldiers 6 and the training they offer for service dogs, and I am very interested in pursuing this option.
A service dog could help me in many ways, including retrieving medication, providing emotional support during times of stress or anxiety, and alerting me to potential triggers of my anxiety/panic attacks. I am committed to providing the care and attention that a service dog would need and am grateful for this opportunity.

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