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Anonymous and K-9 Beauford

K-9 Beauford

Hi everyone reading this biography. I am a current law enforcement officer in the Twin Cities Area. I wish to remain anonymous because of the stigma surrounding mental health. I have served in many capacities of the profession. I have served the community, among other assigned duties, as a Patrol Officer, School Resource Officer, SWAT operator, Detective, and Sergeant. I am married to my soulmate and we have a beautiful family together. We have young children and fur-babies.
There are sacrifices that come with the profession. Police families endure this first hand, the sacrifice of missed Christmas celebrations, Thanksgiving Dinners, and birthdays, etc. They also have had to become accustom to not knowing when their loved one will be home, or if they will return safely. Some do not return home and make the ultimate sacrifice. My family knows that police officers have to wear body armor and carry a gun to work, so that we can protect people. They understand that their daddy helps people who are having an emergency.
My wife and children have also seen how four-legged hero’s help make a bad day into a better day. My best friend, who I will call Buddy the bulldog, is aging and we have to process he is near the end of life. He was a natural born therapy dog and knew whenever I was going through hard times (line of duty deaths, police funerals, active shooters, homicides, death investigations involving children, child sexual exploitation and abuse cases, gruesome vehicle accidents, burned bodies, decayed bodies, egregious assaults, protests, riots, and notifying community members their loved ones have died, etc.). Buddy would pull me out of isolation and force me to play with him, pet him, or take him on a walk (where we would always have to meet new people, which I did not want to do), but he knew that I needed to break out of my funk. He would wake me up when I would have nightmares and sleep by my side. He would alert me if my children were doing something that could get them hurt. He truly has been a great battle buddy!
Soldiers Six, graciously, has offered to provide service training to my new pup, who will one day take over where my battle buddy left off. My family and I are extremely thankful. It is truly a blessing! I want to share a heartfelt thank you to all of those who make this program possible. God Bless.

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