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Anonymous and K-9 Kimber

K-9 Kimber

I’d like to take this opportunity to express part of who I am and how a K-9 companion helps. I’ve been employed in a major metro city for 10 years. I worked with another department in a non-licensed capacity for 3 years. This was a career change for me after working in a manufacturing for 4 years. At this career change, I was married to an amazing woman and blessed with two amazing boys. Having life experience and a solid foundation in my marriage prior to law enforcement definitely was a plus and a necessity for getting through the, “tough times.”
A few years in to the job, a partner of mine, had a pup that he could no longer house due to personal issues. I was looking for a partner who could be with me and my family when I wasn’t there; he was it. This guy took care of me and took care of my family in my absence working nights for several years. He did everything for me; slept with me during the day and watched over my family by night. We went everywhere together and spent days chasing after yellow tennis balls, chasing sticks, and eating bones. Wherever I went, he was there. He was my companion when I found myself alone. I always had a tail behind me wondering what was next.
He was a well trained pup but came as a rescue with no knowledge of his previous life. He absolutely did not like other animals. I he’s a type A personality. He did great at home and doing his service to the family but it came with limitations. I couldn’t take him everywhere without the awareness of other animals; walks became a task with a possible threat. Traveling was limited with him. Needless to say I missed my friend during those times.
I’m not a fan of sharing my feelings and thoughts but I’ve seen my share of trauma. My personality, character and my oath compel me to run towards incidents when the call comes; to protect those who are being victimized by others. One that comes to mind is the passing of three babies in a matter of 4 days in various ways during the Christmas season. I’ve seen my share of suicides, homicides, and vehicle crash fatalities.
Then comes the riots or peaceful protest as some would say. Anything but peaceful in my experience. I had numerous interactions with those around me who didn’t like the police but when riots happened it exploded to a whole different level. Those who I would defend were now accusing me of being a racist and many other things. The battle within was intense. My family saw me break several times as I went in to work for weeks straight with long hours. The thought of my brothers and sisters doing what we do with the hate being right in our face was difficult.
When I didn’t need to talk and just needed some space my pup was there. It was amazing to see how he responded to me during this time. He could sense what was happening and did his best to comfort me. I believe having a service partner helps me be able to talk to the professionals about what I’m going through. Every day he’s there. When other vices couldn’t console me his silent presence would from things I see day in and day out.
My pup is now gone. My family has seen and watched the value of the silent partner who was always on my 6 watching. It’s a huge void that I believe is filled by having a 6 partner to do what I do; dealing with the, “tough times.” Having a pup assists me in continuing to move forward in my career. A motto I live by is, “all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.” Having a pup helps heal.

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