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Anonymous and K-9 Wulf

K-9 Wulf

I am an Air Force Veteran and Law Enforcement Officer. I wish to remain anonymous. Most that wear a uniform can understand the stigma that comes with asking for help. Plus, it is hard to write about myself. There are times I simply feel broken and unworthy. That mindset began to change on my first phone call with Soldiers 6. I was finally validated as a whole person. I hope my story will inspire someone else to be brave.

I always wanted to be a Law Enforcement Officer, but growing up my family had other ideas and directed me toward a “safer career.” However, I still had a desire to wear a uniform and serve my country. I decided to join the Air Force Reserve and became a Medic. It wasn’t until later in life that I also became a Law Enforcement Officer. I remember my father saying, “what took you so long.” My father was my best friend and hero. He died tragically a few years ago. I was by his side and I couldn’t save him. It is a tremendous pain knowing that my job as a Law Enforcement Officer is to help people, but I couldn’t save my father. I live with that grief daily. I also live with the flashbacks and depression.

I am married to a Law Enforcement officer and we have a beautiful family. The life of an officer can be hard. We see and experience things that the average person will never know. Too many to list and each one comes with a unique set of outcomes. I see a lot of trauma and death in my specialty. It can be heavy to process at times, especially the loss of a child. This is not a burden I wish to impose on my family or community.

Then I learned about Soliders 6 through social media. Everyone that wears a uniform has a story and I thought there were others who deserved a battle buddy more than me. Soldiers 6 helped me realize that the time to heal is now.
I am humbled and honored to be a recipient of such a life changing program.

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