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Chris and K-9 Boomer

K-9 Boomer

I’m Chris I’ve been a paramedic for the last 16 years, the last 5 for Hennepin County EMS in downtown Minneapolis. Over the years I’ve worked in various settings; rural, remote, and critical care. I started in a small town, worked in Iraq with the state department, and eventually came back to MN. Currently at HCMC I am a preceptor/FTO, and part of the P3 program or advanced practice paramedic. The P3 program has really kept me motivated over the last couple years to stay within this profession as its been a tumultuous few years. From COVID, civil unrest, and the violence after my family and friends started to see the culmination of years of stress, anxiety, hyper-vigilance show more on a daily basis. Most recently my partner and I were recognized for a call last summer involving some children, and unfortunately a poor outcome. That specific event caused a slow cascade into depression which finally pushed me to seek some real help. I was officially diagnosed with PTSD/Anxiety/Depression.
I consider myself very lucky as I have been able to return to work with some counseling, life-style changes, and the support of my friends and family. The opportunity to have a dog to keep me accountable and active I think is a wonderful gift. I lead an active life already but have a furry companion to come home too, and provide them the best life I can is a win in my book. I also have seen the benefits that a dog provides to first responders let alone anyone. I hope to be able to use this opportunity to do that in some capacity.

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