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David and K9 Freund

K-9 Freund

David And Freund
Combat Medevac
I joined the Army on September 12th 2005, with the hopes of becoming a combat medic, and the ultimate goal of being a Flight Medic (Dustoff) in the UH-60 Blackhawk. There were slim chances of becoming a flight medic, as it is a highly competitive slot. Somehow, I was awarded a flight medic slot with a MEDEVAC (aeromedical evacuation) company deploying to Iraq. I served as a “dustoff Medic attached to the 2nd Marine Air wing in Anbar Province Iraq. My area of operation included Fallujah, Ramadi, Hit, Haditha, Baghdad, Balad, and the border with Syria. We flew MEDEVAC missions almost every day. I have served 18 years in the army and additionally serve my community as a volunteer first responder. I respond to 911 emergency medical calls 24 hours when I am in the response area.

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