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Gregg Biedler and K-9 Luca

K-9 Luca

My name is Gregg. I am originally from the Midway area of St. Paul but now live in North Branch. In April of this year I will be sober for 42 years,one of my proudest achievements. Life for me truly began when my sobriety did. My wife and I will be married twenty-two years in April. I have one daughter, a step daughter and step-son. I have five awesome grandkids who keep me going on my toughest days.
I grew up in the Midway Area of St Paul. I always wanted to go into Law Enforcement. Once I graduated I joined the Saint Paul Police Reserves and was a member for six years. I did many ride alongs with fulltime officers. During my first ride along, we received a call of an infant not breathing. Devastatingly, the infant didnt make it. That was my first experience in the field. It was the first of many life changing experiences throughout my career.
I started my education in Law Enforcement at Lakewood Community College. After a few years I began working for Re-entry Services, a half-way house for male offenders being released from prison. They were mandated by the MNDOC to spend 60 days there to find a suitable living environment and achieve gainful employment. It was my responsibility to help them participate as productive, law-abiding citizens. It was my responsibility to help them navigate through obstacles and to hold them accountable when necessary.
After 11 years with Re-Entry I started working for MCF- Stillwater as a COII Corrections officer. The environment there could be hostile, volatile and violent. Hope is not lost in a prison but it is not easily maintained nor readily observable.
In 2011, I had accident while on duty in which fell backwards on the back of my head and damaged my Cervical spine. After working light duty and many surgeries I was forced to take a disability retirement. It was one of the hardest decisions to make after working in this field for many years. Learning that I could no longer do what I have strived and worked towards most of my life or be able to do the things that brought a positive balance to my life was devastating. There are no instructions available to teach someone how to rebuild their identity and live with memories of the old one that no longer exists for you.

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