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Jane and K-9 George

K-9 George

My name is Jane Thompson, I am a 22-year veteran of the St. Paul Fire Department, a proud FEO medic and I love my job. I’ve spent the majority of my career at the busiest station in our beautiful city. This job has allowed me to help people in so many ways and I feel I make a difference on the streets every day. My struggles begin when I can’t control the outcomes or situations. I have a literal bus of patients and situations that I carry with me every day. These are old humans, young humans, sad, mad and glad humans. They are all humans that crossed my path through no fault of their own or absolute fault of their own. There is no one recipe for the drama and trauma that I have seen. There is no one way to stay mentally and emotionally healthy while being challenged with anxiety, nightmares and depression. I felt relieved when I was diagnosed with PTSD. I felt like I had a “reason” for the challenges I was experiencing. I was recently diagnosed with PTSD.
George is smart, athletic, and really enjoys attention. He is an excellent snuggler and spends his time shadowing me. The ability to have George accompany me on my 24- hour shifts is a game changer for my continued mental and emotional growth and healing. I am immensely thankful for Soldier 6 and this opportunity.

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