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Jeremiah and K-9 Hope

K-9 Hope

My name is Jeremiah Miller. I joined the Army Reserves in 1994 and switched to the Minnesota Guard in 2002. I am still currently serving as a Training, Advising, and Counseling (TAC) Officer for the Warrant Officer Candidate School at Camp Ripley. I have deployed to Iraq (the long deployment) and Afghanistan and did a rotation in Kuwait. When I am not serving, I work for Andersen Windows as a recruiter and my wife and I own a small custom apparel shop. I found out about Soldier 6 in a few different ways and really appreciated how they have helped out some friends of mine.
About 2 years ago my wife and I purchased a dog that was really meant for her but has created an incredible bond with me and has been vital in helping me with some of the most stressful times in my life. With the opportunity that Soldier's 6 will give me and my buddy Hope, I am confident that she will perfect her craft of being the fun loving and compassionate kid she already is, with the added benefit to be more available in times of need. Her training will also benefit my wife, who has been with me through all of my deployments, stressful moments, and who has relied on her to give some love when most needed.

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