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Maddie and K-9 Lucca

K-9 Lucca

My name is Maddie and I worked for 3 years in Juvenile corrections and then another 3.5 years as a police officer in the metro area. Being a police officer was a dream of mine and fulfilling that was one of the most challenging things I’ve done. The first two years were relatively normal and I enjoyed going to work.
Last year, I experienced multiple traumatic suicides and homicides, one of which involved multiple child victims, in a very short period of time. I dealt with each call as best as I could in the limited time I had in between the calls. I went to therapy and did EMDR, but I continued to struggle with PTSD. In the midst of working through the trauma of the summer, I was one of the first officers into an in-progress multiple homicide call, adding another layer to the things I was already dealing with.
I felt like I lost my passion for being a cop after that summer. Between the trauma and continuing department issues, I started focusing on building my own business. In mid-2023, I had an opportunity to take my business full time and I resigned as a police officer.
I had been following Soldiers 6 for a few years through other officers who had been recipients of service dog and seen firsthand the amazing ways the dogs are able to help their person. I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity and the support from Soldiers 6!

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