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Matt and K-9 Atlas

K-9 Atlas

My name is Matthew and I am 35 years old. I was born in Boston and moved to Minnesota when I was about 3 years old. Growing up I played basketball,football,baseball and soccer. I graduated from Cooper high school in 04. I served in the army national guard for 8 years as a 13F. I deployed to Iraq in 2005-2007 where I was attached to an MP company. I was a scout gunner for convoys and I did some room clearing. Now I work at industrial lumber and plywood as a driver and for fun on the weekends my family and I go to parks and hike or in the winter and we go sledding. I have a wife named Kirstin and two boys named Karl and Mark both are 13 years old. I suffer from a TBI, loss of hearing, PTSD and back injuries. My wife told me about soldiers 6 and after I did my research on them, I couldn’t believe how much good they do for people who have served in the armed forces or police force and first responders. I look forward to working with them and I am looking forward to my new battle buddy

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