Samantha and K-9 Echo

K-9 Echo

My name is Samantha, I am 26 years old and have two amazing young children. My husband and I live in Woodbury and I am a Police Officer in the metro. I began my career as a police dispatcher before becoming a police officer in 2019.
This career has been everything I ever wanted and everything I worked so hard for.
On August 1st 2021 I was working patrol on night shift when I was t-boned by a drunk driver at approximately 100 mph. I was knocked unconscious for over 8 minutes and have almost no memory of the incident.
I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury which damaged my vision, vestibular system, memory retention and caused chronic headaches, along with a multitude of other injuries. I returned to 12 hour shifts in May of 2022 and was then diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and severe anxiety. I have worked endlessly to get to a point in recovery where I finally feel somewhat normal again. In October I will be having my shoulder repaired and will undergo many months of physical therapy before returning to work in the spring.
Soldier 6 has helped several of my personal friends and has made an amazing impact to those needing it most, their mission and ability to help others is unmatched.

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