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Scott and K-9 Drea

K-9 Drea

My name is Scott Weeks. I work as a Firefighter/Paramedic for the St. Paul Fire Department and serve in the Air Force Reserves as a firefighter. I recently returned from an overseas deployment in 2023 and had responded to a traumatic incident. Upon returning home and trying to adjust to normal life, I found myself focusing on that incident and recollecting of all of the other traumatic incidents I’ve encountered since I’ve been in the military and worked on SPFD.
Due to these encounters, it has caused me to become very irritable at times, have trouble sleeping, lack focus, and really be confused on how to go about my day and figure things out. This led me to meet with a mental health provider and I was diagnosed with PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. A few of my close friends have experienced similar issues and suggested getting my dog, Drea trained by Soldier’s 6.
Drea is a Pomeranian-Australian Shepard mix that my Spouse and I rescued. She is a very fun-loving, energetic dog. At times can be anxious to meet new people, but eventually warms up to them and shows them affection just like family. Drea, Kayla and I look forward to learning from the trainers, handlers and dogs associated with Soldier’s 6

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