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Shannon and K-9 Chayenne

K-9 Chayenne

I am Shannon and I was a St.Paul Police Officer. While at SPD I was a part of several units; Bike Unit, Bike rapid response team, Mobile field force, and The Mounted Unit. I volunteered for Honor Guard, The Explorer program, and Shop with Cops.

In Aug of 2019 I was attacked by a homeless male that was high on drugs. The male suspect punched me several times in the head. I lost seconds of consciousness and when I came to realized the suspect was running back at me to attack me again. The fight was on and so was the chase as got on the radio to call phone help. The suspect was apprehended and taken to jail. The suspect had also injured another officer. This incident has left me with a Traumatic Brain Injury and unable to the job I once did and loved.

This incident changed my life and me. My K9 partner has helps me through all the anxiety and PTSD I deal with. My K9 Cheyenne helps me when I’m suffering from vertigo as she can assist me to the bathroom or wherever needed at that moment. Cheyenne keeps me going every day and shows me unconditional love no matter what. I am thank for programs like Soldier 6 for helping me with my service dog.

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