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The Prail's K-9 Asher

K-9 Ahser

Asher joined the Prail family and came to his fur-ever home on January 1, 2022. They are a Law Enforcement family in the Twin Cities. The Prail’s had just begun to look for a new dog after losing their long-time family dog when they saw the post that Asher needed to be re-homed. In less than 24 hours after seeing the original post, Asher was packed into their vehicle and welcomed as part of their family.

Asher quickly settled into his new life as a family dog. He gets lots of love and attention from the 2 young Prail boys. Asher is continuing to train with Ryan and is a great officemate for Megan while she works from home. Asher LOVES his humans and his balls and has yet to meet someone that isn’t a friend.

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