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Tom and K9 Faith

K-9 Faith

I have been a Police Officer for 24 years. I went to Alexandria Technical College for Criminal Justice. After college, I started my career working in Madelia and ended it as a Police Chief of a small community in SE MN of 10 years.
My family recognized changes in my personality and lifestyle long before they became apparent to me. In June of 2022, I was injured on the job chasing a burglary suspect and ended up having surgery to repair the injury. During this time, I began to see signs of PTSD. I started seeing a therapist to address this and was later diagnosed with PTSD. My kids have told me that I have been more like a cop in their life rather than a father figure. Those words are what made me decide that I needed help. I am currently in the process of medical retirement for PTSD.
My family brought up the idea of a service dog a couple weeks back. At first, I was unsure of this. The more I thought about it the more I began thinking this was a good idea. We applied to Invisible Wounds for a service dog that had been donated in honor of Garry Schroeder. After the review process of the applications for this beautiful black lab, we were gifted Faith as our dog to help with PTSD. I was then informed by many about Soldier 6 and decided to contact them to see if they could help me in training Faith—our black lab—as a service dog. After speaking with them it was decided that we would be able to go forward with training through this wonderful organization, Soldier 6.
I am hoping Faith will be able to assist me with my PTSD and the triggers that arise from time to time.
Thank you, Soldier 6.

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