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Tony and K-9 Gus

K-9 Gus

My name is Anthony (Tony) Medellin. I grew up in St. Paul Minnesota. I am the youngest of seven children born to my parents Rico and Judy Medellin. Growing up I was always involved in athletics. I loved the team aspect that.
After high school I went to college. I was able to play football and during this time I was working in bars. Security and eventually bartending became my ways of making money. I knew it was not going anywhere but it was money in my pocket every night. I was married to my first wife Melissa at 20 years old. We had a daughter together and unfortunately Melissa passed away at the age of 23. I was left a single father now. Thankfully being from a big family I had lots of support.
Fast forward to 2004. I was engaged to my second wife. In August of 2004 I started my career as a corrections officer with the Minnesota Department of Corrections. I have been there to this day. Due to strange hours and lack of family time my marriage suffered and eventually we ended it.

I was now widowed, AND divorced and I was still trying to raise my daughter. Thank God I was able to meet my current wife Michelle. We were married in 2009.
July 18th 2018 at 1335 hours, my life changed forever. I work as a responder in the industrial area of the Stillwater prison. It was at the date and time that I heard a call over my radio that I will never forget. My friend and fellow officer Joe Gomm was brutally murdered by an inmate. He was beaten with a hammer and stabbed in his chest. The door to get to Joe was also barricaded. Once the door was breached I found Joe clinging to life. He eventually succumbed to his injuries in the ambulance. After media attention and trying to pick up the pieces of my life I quickly found out that was not so easy. I found myself losing my marriage and my friends. I was spiraling.

Mind you I do have a great support system of friends and family. I am 47 years old and am trying to make it to retirement. Taking the steps I need. Contacting Soldier 6 is part of that journey for me. I workout 5 days a week. I find myself so hyper vigilant. Its pretty maddening. When someone gets hurt at work I think the worst. Its always so emotional for me. My friend Joe getting murdered has effected my life in ways that I could never imagine. Time to take my life back!

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